Following the announcement by APRA that banks and lenders are now able to review and set their own minimum interest rate buffers, of at least 2.5% above the advertised rate of a loan, it is expected that borrowing may now become a lot easier for many, and the interest rate cuts from the Reserve Bank may finally have an impact.

For borrowers looking to buy as an owner occupier, this means that a lender can now potentially assess an applicant’s ability to repay a loan at 6 % pa, based on an actual loan rate of 3.5% pa, rather than the minimum of 7% pa or 7.25% pa.

For some investor borrowers who previously were restricted with the higher assessment rates used in serviceability, this may now give you the opportunity to grow your property portfolio.

For example, a single borrower with an income of $100,000, no dependants and assessed on standard living expenses would potentially been able to borrow approximately $610,000 when assessed at 7.25%. The same scenario assessed under the new buffers could increase the borrowing capacity to $696,000, an increase of $86,000 i.e. over 10%.

Each individual circumstance will be assessed uniquely, and banks and lenders will apply their own policies to accommodate other risk factors. The change however will make it easier to qualify for a loan, however banks will still be stringent with their approval process and scrutinise over income and expenses, and your overall asset position.

Credit Representative 509212 authorised under Australian Credit Licence 389328.

Your full financial needs and requirements need to be assessed prior to any offer or acceptance of a loan product.

Examples of potential repayment changes with the recent RBA reductions.

**based on a previous rate of 3.75%pa reducing by 0.45% average from last 2 RBA changes.
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